Upcycled Art & Creative Design Workshops

design-challengewe have now opened a brand new upcycling Arts and Creative design workshop which can house 6 people at a time, we can work with any Schools, Services and Organisations.  All individuals involved will be taken on an exciting business programme whilst being engaged with via restorative practice.  At the same time individuals will experience many life skills through the five ways to wellbeing.  Engagement in our new upcycling workshop will involve learners having a direct opportunity to experience…

A live Creative Business Experience Course involving… Product Design – Product Manufacture – Market Research – Costing and Pricing structures – Marketing via our on line shop – Packing, shipping  and Customer Service and all certificated along the way.

By 2017 all aspects of the social business acumen journey will be accredited outcomes  and once the workshop is full operational every item sold via the internet will contribute 10% of the overall profits to a deserving local charity – Christine our Upcycling Guru says… What are you waiting for this is a fantastic personal journey for our learners and a wonderful way to give something back to our small but very important local Charities.  A 15yrs old female says… This is different, I’m learning different things and I feel good making something that’s my design, I like it, its cool.  A 15yrs old male says… I love this its well cool, you learn about making things that can be sold, the importance of quality and good business. I have made a belt out of a tyre and its cool… so cool my mates want one so I know it will sell, can’t wait to design and make other things

“Upcycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative. This seemingly basic concept has sparked an exciting revolution with this generation.”


Bespoke Cycle Club Trophies – Handbags – Tables – Jewellery and much more….  All these items will soon be available to purchase and 10% of the profit of each item sold will be donated to a small local charity  – Recycling & Upcycled  creatively in a bespoke manner  just for you

CERA Ltd recycle almost every part of a bicycle that is no longer fit for the road. This form of Art and Creative Design is challenging, fun and most of all rewarding  – you will be surprised at what amazing things you can make from bike parts. Get involved…..