February / March 2022 – A total of 23 Bikes donated out

You donate bikes to us we repair and donate them right back out when we can afford to.  During February and March 2022 we managed to service 23 Children’s Cycles and offer them as donations to children of asylum seekers families.  The look on these kids faces was priceless, they certainly didn’t expect to receive 23 bike totally free, it took seconds for these Children to jump on the bikes and get riding, and even those who couldn’t ride a bike learnt how to do so in less than 45 mins. These Children have encountered incredible hard times, fear and uncertainty but it was evident at such a young age they were determined, resilient, Thankful and most of all happy.

Your Donations Change Lives

Donated in and Donated back out…..

Thanks to all the kind people of Stockport donating unwanted bikes to us we have been able to service 10 Children’s bikes which were donated back out in December 2021 to children and families working with Social Care, Great partnership working and 10 happy kids, thanks for your continued support.

Big Bike Revival is Back 2021

Check out our facebook and twitter for opportunities to gain new skills in bike maintenance, all our Big Bike Revival opportunities are fully funded by Cycling UK, Basic and Intermediate courses now published = click here to book on our website.  5 people per week will benefit from £35.00 off any bike repair any Saturday we are open (first come first served) 5 only per week funded for you published on our FB and twitter pages from 10th July

More detail on the BIG BIKE REVIVAL click here 

Supporting Local Charities

CERA Cycloan take pride in supporting others, pictured above is a donation of £100 made to Macclesfield And District Canoe Club,

MADCC is a club for adults, young people, and families. Their members have a wide range of paddle sport interests including touring, moving water trips, flat water racing, and sea kayaking. The club’s qualified coaches are able to offer training and assessments for national skills awards in many aspects of paddle sport.  To find out more about this inclusive club click HERE 

125+ Donations Made During 2018

Did you know…

TFGM help support Jobseekers and Apprentices into employment by funding sustainable travel.  TFGM help Jobseekers and Apprentices to obtain a bicycle and equipment supplied through CERA Cycloan to assist with cost effective travel, and people can also access funded maintenance courses (see our course page for more details).

From January 2018 to December 2018 supported by TFGM the team at CERA Cycloan have supplied over 125 bicycles and kits of equipment to Jobseekers and Apprentices referred to us by this scheme.

These bicycles provide practical assistance for people commuting to and from their place of work, that’s approximately 10 people per month benefiting from the scheme via CERA Cycloan.

Voluntary Work Recognised

Congratulations and thanks for your hard work

Our quality small team of volunteers are committed to working alongside our staff to productively engage with young people and adults experiencing life challenges.  They are also encouraged and empowered to feed into a variety of tasks from assisting with the direction of the company, attending festivals, leading free bike rides and much more…

Even our regular staff volunteer some of their time for free. You may ask why?  The simple answer is…

We are a bonded team, who support each other and who invest in communities and the individuals who live in them.

Because of this we are proud to say we have been awarded The Queens Award for the voluntary aspects of our work.



Did you know that our Ride Leaders facilitate regular FREE bike rides?

We work together with Stockport Community Cycle Club and our rides are short, inclusive, fun, engaging and if the weather is not appropriate we have a wet weather plan to ensure engagement at its best.

So if the weather is bad… and we decide not to ride you could be in our Cycle Mechanics workshop, at no cost to you, learning how to keep your bike in action or in our Arts and Design workshop having fun creating items whilst at the same time meeting like minded people.


13yrs and over to partake

Listen to and respect ride leader instructions

Ensure your bike is in a fit state to ride

Display sensible riding behaviour

Have fun learning bike skills (in appropriate location)

Respectful behaviour throughout

Be inclusive and Have Fun

Our rides are facilitated from March to October

Click Here to find out more 

Contact us to find out more 0161 474 0990 or pop in for a chat