Restorative Training

Here at CERA Ltd we pride ourselves on our restorative ethos we like to think we lead by example and being mindful of this not only supports others to learn, develop and grow in a swift manner, but it also ensures we take time to recognise where there is room for our own development.

Restorative practice should not be thought of as being wholly centred on the criminal justice arena, restorative practice is an ethos which can be facilitated in many areas.

CERA Ltd can provide training for staff or clients in the following areas:

  • Introduction "what is restorative practice and where can it be used"
  • Practical Staff training in restorative mediation and conversation
  • Practical Peer Mentor Training in restorative  mediation and conversation
  • Reparation / community service how restorative are they?
  • Restorative conflict management
  • Advocacy training 

Restorative justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by unjust behaviour. Restoration is best accomplished through inclusive and cooperative processes”
(accessed 12th May 2014)


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