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Rare vintage British Cyclo Benelux plunger rear derailleur


Rare vintage 3/4-speed British Cyclo Benelus plunger-type rear derailleur


An unusual rear derailleur from the 1950s when bikes using multi-speed sprocket sets were rare items.

In the 1950s the derailleur design was still evolving and although the Campagnolo design ultimately won out, the Cyclo spring-tensioned plunger type was briefly popular with British bike makers. The engineering on this part is lovely, having adjustable ball-bearing  jockey wheels, and all-steel sturdy parts.

This derailleur is stamped on the cages as being 4-speed compatible with a narrow 3/32″ or 3-speed with a 1/4″ chain.

The derailleur has been stripped, cleaned, regreased and is functional  – a perfect highly desirable part for an authentic bike restoration.


Hi my name is Callum  and I volunteer here at ceracycloan. I am interested in retro bike parts and bike restoration projects. My job here is to clean and polish retro parts so they are ready to sell on line and to work on project bikes. In the future I hope to have a paid job here.


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