Refurbished Pinnacle Dolomite single-speed town bike 21 inch frame



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The Pinnacle Dolomite Singlespeed is one of a very small number of disc brake-equipped singlespeed road bikes out there on the market, and it puts in a very good performance, proving amply capable of eating up winter training miles with the minimum of things to go wrong. It has predictable handling and decent brakes, and the unexceptional wheels and finishing kit keep the bike very affordable.

The singlespeed or fixed wheel bike has historically been the choice of the road man for the hard winter miles. With one gear there’s not much to go wrong and the lack of ratios teaches you to pedal smoothly and effectively over a wider range of cadences. This being a disc-braked bike you don’t get the option of flipping the hub over from singlespeed to fixed, so it’s supplied as a singlespeed, with an 28-tooth freewheel. You could swap the freewheel for a fixed cog if you wanted, it’s just not as simple as flipping the wheel over.

The bike comes with a 46T Samox chainset and an 28T freewheel, That’s a decent compromise gear that’s low enough to get up some steep climbs without spinning out too quickly on the flat. If you live somewhere where hills aren’t a big thing it’ll probably be a bit low, but it’s an easy swap.

All Ceracycloan refurbished bikes come with a 3-month warranty.

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