Brian Pendlebury has work extensively in the field of restorative practice, his career began working in the family group conferencing and restorative family group conferencing arena. This work empowered and supported families experiencing life challenges to make a positive future focused plan which would work within the family dynamics and families could self – refer or be referred by statutory services. Whilst conducting the aforementioned Brian was also involved in work the Family Rights Group were promoting to publicise the use FGC;s across the UK. He also established and coordinated a short term pilot initiative in Stockport for the Community Safety Unit to help deal with conflict resolution within communities “Community Conferencing” this pilot initiative was welcomed by both members of the community and services alike and proved a completed success.

Late 2004 Brian started working within the youth justice arena at Stockport Youth Offending Service practicing Restorative Justice, this work involved all aspects of restorative justice practice facilitating victim / offender face to face interaction and establishing many holistic indirect and community reparation projects with a view to support rehabilitation and victim satisfaction, one of which was the “CYCLOAN” project. Brian has received a number of awards and commendations for the work carried out in this field whilst based within the youth justice arena. He also wrote a case study in relation to the cycloan project which was published in a book called Rights and Restoration within Youth Justice which is an edited, peer-reviewed Volume of original papers written by leading scholars in the fields of restorative justice, human rights, youth justice and policy and criminal justice. The book is edited by Dr Theo Gavrielides and brian says "the book is a great read providing a wide range of useful restorative case studies" this includes case studies within UK schools. For more information or to purchase the book visit..

Recently in 2014 Brian decided to leave Stockport Council employment to establish the already successful Cycloan Project as a New Social Enterprise now known as “Cycloan Education & Restorative Approaches Ltd” (Ceracycloan) Brian  will continue to work in the way of the small cycloan project however he has new, exciting and ambitious plans to greatly enhance the old service provision whist also working towards satisfying the five ways to well being and making all Ceracycloan provisions accessible to anybody wishing to access them.


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