CERA Ltd provides positive role models who work with young people, in an informal way to help them reach their full potential. By building positive relationships with young people we can start to explore and address some of the barriers that prevent young people progressing into further education, employment and/or training.

Life has the uncanny ability to place boulders in your path and sometimes it can seem impossible to remove or even climb over them. Each and every person has the ability to remove these boulders, all it takes is self-belief and the confidence to act!

CERA Ltd provides mentors who will work with young people at their own pace, to identify barriers, increase self-esteem and levels of confidence with the aim of helping young people to plan for their future and achieve all that they aspire to be.

“ The best help we can offer the youth of today is to prepare them for tomorrow.”
Mark W. Boyer

“When a young person, even a gifted one, grows up without proximate living examples of what s/he may aspire to become--whether lawyer, scientist, artist, or leader in any realm--her goal remains abstract. Such models as appear in books or on the news, however inspiring or revered, are ultimately too remote to be real, let alone influential. But a role model in the flesh provides more than inspiration; his or her very existence is confirmation of possibilities one may have every reason to doubt, saying, 'Yes, someone like me can do this.”
Sonia Sotomayor



“Peer mentoring is a form of mentorship that usually takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience and a person who is new to that experience”.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peer mentoring

At CERA Ltd we provide volunteering opportunities - one of which is the opportunity to become a Peer Mentor, working alongside our staff members. We offer a robust training scheme to ensure that our Peer Mentors are equipped with the necessary skills to pass their learning onto others - who would benefit from their experience.

Peer mentors possess real life experience, with an understanding of the impact of poor decision making and how such consequences have a negative impact on future choices. By sharing experiences with others, our Peer Mentor can pass on their knowledge on how to overcome or address certain issues, explain what support is available and show others how to access such support.

We believe Peer Mentors are an important cog in our program delivery as they are able to share their experiences, knowledge and in some cases expertise with those who are experiencing similar challenges.

We support you - you support others - respect is shared

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