A young man being mentored on repairing a bike

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What Pure Innovation support staff say…

I met with a young man who had a provision at Cera Cycloan almost 12 months ago. At the time of our meeting this young man presented with very poor verbal communication skills, a struggle with understanding and implementing weight/health management and a lack of practical skills in relation to work and life in general. Although these issues served as barriers in terms of personal development, progression and fulfilment, this young man also demonstrated a kind and caring nature, a growing sense of humour and most importantly, the emergence of courage and determination. He was able to explain to me that he had seen a doctor many years ago who had said that he wouldn’t be capable of some of the things that he was already doing. There was definitely more to come! During his time at Cera Cycloan he has developed a sense of belonging and of purpose having received ongoing practical and emotional support. This young man has been supported to take steps to become healthier and more active and he has managed to lose a significant amount of weight. He has been able to ‘quantify’ this loss visually through the comfort and fit of his uniform (being able to zip up a jacket that was previously too tight).He has gained invaluable skills, knowledge and qualifications in relation to the nature of the business. He showed me his file containing certificates and accreditations with real pride. He has also trained to successfully become a ‘group lead’ on the regular bike rides that are organised. Furthermore, he was supported by Brian to secure part-time paid employment as a barista in a coffee shop which has given him the opportunity to be part of another team whilst increasing his independence and confidence further. On a recent visit to Cera Cyclaon I was able to see such a difference in this blossoming character compared with our initial encounter; speaking with more clarity and expanding on simple sentences, laughing and joking with his colleagues, applying himself and working hard. Furthermore, Brian has now arranged for him to work with an English and Maths tutor, and volunteers to assist with reading and writing. It is clear that the support and enablement provided by Brian,Christine, Tom, Josh and everyone at Cera Cycloan had literally changed his future.

This Young Lady enjoyed Arts and Design

I completed a Arts and Design course here and I really enjoyed it, I made things from old bike parts which could be used in the home as something completely different such as a lamp, bag or a clock. It's just brilliant here, I loved it! All the people are great, they're supportive in every way, they listen if your having a problem too and in a weird way after talking through my problems I seemed to feel like I made the right choices to move forward. Thank you all I have changed loads. C.

Bike purchase

I bought my childs bike from you guys and I must say the whole experience was fantastic and as you predicted my child loves the bike and is now cycling around enjoying herself, many thanks - Mrs R Glenn

Cycle Donation

After having my cycle stolen I was advised to contact Brian at Ceracycloan and to my amazment he was in a position to supply me with a splendid replacement bike, I was also treated like royality - very impressed! Mr G Hollyhead

A students veiw

Its great here staff and the volunteers are so helpful and welcoming they really care about your progress and I have certainly progressed. I am now a fuly trained cycle mechanic, I have also gained experience in customer service, IT, Sales, photography, positive communication, team work and working as a focused individual. I am really proud to say I have completed every task I have been given, I currently live in care and my confidence wasnt the best before coming to CERA Cycloan but now I feel totally able to use these skills in the future thanks to everyone here.

A Students view

When I first started at Ceracycloan I was feeling quite nervious but after a couple of hours I really felt like I belonged there. Since being here I have learnt so much about fixing bikes and I have completed my full cycle technicians portfolio, am now learning about how business works, this includes IT, marketing and customer service. Everybody at Ceracycloan makes sure that you succeed all they need is you to want the same. I have also learnt a lot about myself, how to control my temper, how to deal with other people and I can now focus on completing what I set out to do which I couldn't do before coming here. I feel more confident in myself which also makes me feel happier about myself. I really enjoy my days here and actually look forward to getting out of bed to acheive more. Ben Hinton

The view of Care Staff

This place and everyone in it supports young people to a high standard in every way, I would recommend any young person wishing to become a cycle mechainc or who just want more knowledge about bikes to come here. Thanks to all at CERA Cycloan

Cost saving repair

I had taken my bike to one of the usual retailer outlets and they said the long standing issue with my bike would cost £230.00 to fix. A good freind of mine told me about Ceracycloan and told me to simply pop in to see what you guys could quote me. Well, I was totally amazed... Not only did you idetify the real issue (which wasn't what had been suggested to me by the outlet) but the issue was repaired for £45.00 saving me £185.00, thank you for providing me with am honest, professional and personal service - Mr P. Torrington

Bike Restoration

Thanks so much again for such a fantastic job on restoring the Raleigh Whisp, please do pass on my since thanks and appreciation to all who had a hand in completing the job! As you know I had the bike restored as a suprise for my daughter, when I presented it she was very suprised, she had not seen the bike since being at Oxford University 8 years ago, so delighted.

Course feedback

Thanks for a friendly informative course, you are great teachers!! You have set a high standard for me to maintain my bike, I'm absolutely made up with the new knowledge i now possess, Thank You. Mr J Findlay