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CERA Cycloan's Alternative Educational Provisions are aimed at re-engaging learners in a very practical way, supporting and empowering them to set their own goals whilst working within a structured curriculum. Our provisions are designed to improve a learner’s confidence and self-esteem, and help them develop the life skills they need to consider a new pathway.

Visit our School and Local Authority page to find more information about the engaging educational classes we offer.

If you are considering a referral in to us for a learner to access one of our engaging Alternative Educational Provisions, please give us a call first to discuss and arrange an induction for the learner allowing them to make an informed choice in regards future attendance.

Please note: Once completed and submitted, our referral form is a binding document committing you to fulfill your booking, we would advise you to complete the following before you make your referral:

• Speak with us about a proposed booking

• Ensure your young person has had a free induction

• Ensure you have funding in place to satisfy the booking


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