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At CERA Cycloan we value our customers and invest in their safety by giving a personal service to ensure their bike is right for them and is serviced to national standards.

Our mechanics pride themselves in being able to provide a consistently high level of service because we get to know our customers and their bikes, make people feel welcome and offer honest advice.

E-Bike conversions Advancing Into The Future…. 

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In the near future we are looking to convert regular bikes into e-bikes but before we do that we needed to research a top standard product to ensure you can either purchase a quality kit from us and convert your own bike or we can supply and fit one of our kits to a bike you have had and loved using for years or you can simply buy one of our  regular bikes which we have converted direct from our shop, giving you the customer the ultimate choice. Just give us a call if you would like more information 0161 474 0990

Free M-Check & Advice

This comprehensive check helps ensure your safety and only takes 15 mins to complete.

We will give you on the spot advice and direction, check your chain wear, and make minor adjustments where required.

Simply pop in and ask for a FREE bike check, its that simple!


General Servicing and Custom Packages


Level 1 Service:  Recommended every 4 – 6 months

Your bike will undergo our comprehensive 20 point service check.

We will check and adjust brakes and gears, inspect and lubricate all cables, check chain and drivetrain components, regrease headset bearings, inspect wheels and adjust minor buckles, and inspect and inflate tyres.


We will report back to you if any worn parts need to be replaced, and provide a quote for parts and fitting.


Level 2 Service: Recommended every 8 to 12 months

This service is the level 1 – 20 point service PLUS…

Dismantle, degrease and inspect the drivetrain (chain, cassette, chain set and derailleurs), reassemble, lubricate, and reset gears.

 Service adjustable wheel hubs, including new ball bearings.


We will report back to you if any worn parts need to be replaced, and provide a quote for parts and fitting.


Level 3 Service: Recommended every 12 months

This service is the level 2 service PLUS…

Supply and replace galvanised inner and outer brake and gear cables.


We will report back to you if any worn parts need to be replaced, and provide a quote for parts and fitting.


Custom Service / Refurbishment:  This is tailored to any individual requirement

If its a custom service you require one of our qualified, dedicated mechanics will inspect your bike, discuss and agree the level of service your bike might require, this discussion will also include experienced advice regarding which new parts may be required. Cost may vary depending on your needs.

If its a custom refurbishment you need for your bike, there are a number of levels we need to discuss with you first, i.e. does your bike have all the original parts?, do you want original parts sourcing?, are the decals damaged? would you like it to be repainting / powder coated? these are all things you can consider before speaking with us which can save time in making a decision.  If you want your bike to be as manufactured we would need to research, source and supply original parts and if recoated the bike would also need replica decals, all things to consider!

Variable cost dependant on needs 


Boxed Bicycle Assembly

We can assemble bikes bought over the internet.

This includes a 20-point pre-delivery inspection, adjusting and lubricating as required, to ensure that the bike is safe to ride.

Junior cycle up to 24 inch wheel.  £19.50

Adult Cycle.  £35.00