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CERA Cycloan’s Alternative Educational Provisions are aimed at re-engaging learners in a very practical way, supporting and empowering them to set their own goals whilst working within a structured curriculum. Our provisions are designed to improve a learner’s confidence and self-esteem, and help them develop the life skills they need to consider a new pathway.


CERA Cycloan Cycle Mechanic Academy

Our structured curriculum of 15 modules has been written by 6 highly experienced mechanics and is set at a Level 3 qualification standard.

Students receive practical training in a live cycle shop and workshop to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment in the cycle trade, or they can use their completed portfolio as evidence of achievement to access further education courses.

On completing 50% of this course students will also be encouraged and supported to gain experience of customer service in our cycle shop for example by taking customer service bookings.  We feel this is an integral part of their personal development and provides essential skills in readiness for the workplace. 


Arts and Design Workshops

Our Arts and Design Director, Christine Pendlebury, has experience of working with local fashion designers to create unique clothing designs, a wide range of household items such as lamps, jewellery, and many other decorative pieces using re-cycled and up-cycled materials. Many of Christine’s designs can be seen on our Community Projects web page, or in our shop.

We have plans to have the Arts Award’s Bronze and Silver qualification’s in place for March 2019 in recognition of completing this structured educational provision, working toward developing critical thinking and leadership skills 

Working together with Christine and the team, our students are supported and empowered to design, manufacture, and market the products they create.  As evidence of their achievement and as part of their portfolio and future Arts Award, students are encouraged to select and keep one of the items they have designed and produced.

Business Enterprise Skills

Students are empowered and supported to develop basic business acumen including understanding how to value time, determine costs of manufacture, and  learn how these factors affect a businesses and its viability.

Students are encouraged to do their own research to find out about current market prices in order to price items they have worked on or made. Taking this responsibility gives students a clear understanding of how retail pricing works in the world of business.

With support from our team, students will learn the basics of photographing items and writing descriptive advertising copy to market their designs. Students are also supported to develop a range of IT skills to advertise and promote their work via websites and social media.

Students who engage with and complete this education will gain a range of essential workplace skills to underpin their entry into the modern world of work, or help any budding entrepreneurs get started in business.

All staff and volunteers at CERA Cycloan engage, teach and support individuals through the use of restorative practice and the 5 Ways to Well Being. – “Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn, and Give” .


How to refer to us (click on highlighted text)

Please Note: When choosing a start date and end date…. After choosing the date you need to confirm by clicking the tick at the bottom of the dates 

Our online referral form is fully secure end to end to ensure all information supplied is safeguarded. If you don’t have all the information with you to fill the form immediately, you can download it complete it and email it through to CERA Cycloan.

If you have any questions regarding making a referral, please feel free to call us on 0161 474 0990


Training in Restorative Practice 

Here at CERA Cycloan we pride ourselves on our restorative ethos. We like to think we lead by example and being mindful of this not only supports others to learn, develop and grow in a swift manner, but it also ensures we take time to recognise where there is room for our own development.

Restorative practice should not be thought of as being wholly centred on the criminal justice arena, restorative practice is an ethos which can be facilitated in many areas.

CERA Cycloan can provide training for workers or clients in the following areas:

  1. Introduction to  restorative practice and where can it be used?
  2. Practical Staff training in restorative conversation
  3. Reparation and community service; how restorative are they?
  4. Restorative conflict management


If you have any questions regarding  our training packages, please feel free to call us on 0161 474 0990